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Duas pessoas segurando as mãos uma da outra

Who we are

Hope Givers means:
Hope Givers.
Hope Givers Foundation was founded in 2019 as a humanitarian aid and development NGO.

Our mission

The objective of HOPE GIVERS is to create opportunities for the integral development of undocumented and vulnerable people residing in the Netherlands.

Our vision

Our vision of HOPE GIVERS is to be an NGO, inside and outside the Netherlands, that works with people who are victims of poverty, social exclusion, deprived of their dignity and hope. 
We invite you to get to know our Projects and Campaigns that we develop inside and outside the Netherlands.

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Hello, my name is Raquel Velez.   First of all, I am very grateful because Giuliana and her husband didn't even know me at the time when I received help from Hope Givers.  
I was pregnant, with no financial conditions at all, without any documents and I was welcomed by them with great affection.
On the 13/03/2020th my water broke, I went into labor during the night; I called this couple, who I can say were like angels sent by God on earth to help me. They helped me with the translation during the delivery, in the early morning of 03/13/2020, I confess that if it weren't for them I would have lost my daughter, because he was born at 8 months.  
But thanks to God and the help of this couple, as well as   by Dona Miranda, everything went well.
I can only be grateful, I was treated well at the Hospital, I didn't have any financial expenses with the Hospital, so I can only thank everyone for what they did for me and my family.
My gratitude to them and the Hope Givers Foundation.

—  Ana Raquel Gomes Velez

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Juliana Van de Brink Diretora da Hope Givers
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